Sundays at 10am

Haven Ridge Church
25 Noble St.
Greer, SC  29652

What Should I Expect?

The gathering at Haven Ridge is a weekly corporate worship event. Our gatherings provide an opportunity for the church body to worship together through singing, observing the ordinances and the preaching of God’s Word.



Christians have been gathering for worship through singing for centuries. With worship being one of the purposes of Christ’s Church, we are privileged to gather in obedience to God and celebrate Him through singing. 

The music at Haven Ridge is a balance between ancient and modern. Our aim is to worship God in spirit and truth. To do this we are intentional about singing songs that are rich in doctrinal content and accurately portray God in accordance with His Word.



We believe the two ordinances given to the Church are Believer’s Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Our baptism services are scheduled according to how often disciples are made. The Lord’s Supper is observed once a month as a reminder of the gospel of Jesus and its transformative work in the life of every believer. 



Believing the Word of God to be authoritative, inerrant and infallible, each gathering allows for time devoted to the preaching and teaching of Scripture. 

Expository preaching – The majority of preaching at Haven Ridge is expositional. We believe there is value in walking through books of Scripture in order to learn the full context and its application for today.

Topical preaching – Throughout the year, we do take breaks from our studies through particular books of the Bible in order to address issues relevant to our context of ministry and to better equip the saints for timely works of service. These sermon series deal with topical issues but are addressed through responsible use of the Scriptures.